Living in the squat

trying to dodge the dealers

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♥ Welcome to Adopt-a-Junkie! ♥

The idea for this community first came after meeting Junkie Man, a homeless junkie who lives in a shopping precint in a small village, down south in the U.K

This community is a haven for people who want to talk about and share memories and experiences of drugs, or for thoes who have questions to ask where they will find a warm reception.

Unfortunatly, due to recent spamming, this community can only be posted in by members. Remember- this community is for support, communication and education, not for scoring drugs and CERTAINLY NOT for giving unprovoked abuse to the members.
Any comments that are derogitary towards others will be deleted, and a ban may be enforced.

"I'm really hungry, but probably not as hungry as junkie man, because he's homeless and spends all his money on skag and cheap cider"- Honor
One day my friend we shall smuggle you into Timmy's house for a bath... one day....

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