__packlovahchic (__packlovahchic) wrote in adopt_a_junkie,

so im lora, i have to make a new live journal bec if anyone new about this then ill be dead by everyone.
i love herion...and every chance i get money i get packs
im not the shoot up kind of girl...i snort them...and im in love with it..
i love the feeling of the drips going down the back or ur tounge.

last night i was even speed ballen..which means i was fucked up on coke and H at the same time
it was great

i live in michigan....were i just drive down and get my shit in the D
i love that place..
haha the other day when i went down they were all out of boys
so me and my friends drove down the street and a guy pulls up and asked if we needed any..
we were like shure and we followed him to this house..he got out of the car and a dude asked him if the car was stolen..and he told him the  key was lost in oakland mall
so this big guy comes into our back seat..when theres still 3 people in there...and he like takes up two seats..so me my friend kevin and my boyfriend trevor all are seating on eachother..
the guy takes us down to this other dudes house..and he comes out with 6 packs...PURE WHITE....AS FUCK!!
i was soo happy...and then i asked him if he wanted my hoooter and hes like naw doll face im a professional! lol..and he snorted it with out crushin t up and shit..it wasfunny and then he licked it and threw it out..lol..and he kept making us drive him places..
and he gave my friend kevin a free rock..i was like WTF!!!i wanted some..buyt me and my biyfreind had to stop..he had wareents anad shtuddd


but yeah thats a story..
if u guys ever want some packs and u live around miuchigan then let me nknow!!

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