Liquid Ross pretending to be Tim (xilluminax) wrote in adopt_a_junkie,
Liquid Ross pretending to be Tim

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Aplogoies from the mod

Dear Everyone,
Sorry to all of you who have had your posts spammed recently with threats and insults. This kind of behaviour in my community will not be tollerated, this is a place of respect, where people should be able to come for support or with questions and find a warm welcome, and for someone to post all that shit is just unacceptable.
From now on the community can only be posted in by members, and membership is now screened so things like this don't happen again.
Sorry to anyone who feels threatened by the behaviour of this cunt, if anyone has any further problems with my members or me I suggest they post here or try to get in contact via other means.
With contunious affection and fun-times,
your loving mod
Emu xxxx
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