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Hi, I'm new.

Hi everyone, I'm new.

My name is Tiffany and I live in the West L.A. area of Southern California. I recently just stopped posting in my own private journal because I'm sick of not being able to talk about things because I don't want my friends to know what I'm doing / feeling.

For the past two years I've been doing coke on and off. It was about 7 months ago that I was in my prime. I probably haven't done it for like two months now. I have to say I really miss it. Does anyone else feel that way. I've never been able to stop thinking about it. Every day I just wish I was back on being able to do it all the time. The problem is I don't have that much money anymore because of school and stuff, and I don't work, I just live off (and with, which is the biggest issue) my parents. Sometimes I wish I had money to move out just so I could do my own shit and not have them looking over me on the drug situation. I still smoke pot all the time, I just hate paying for it. I guess drinking lately has really been my favorite thing to do. Does anyone feel the same way? I have no one to relate to you. So I guess I'm just looking for people who share the same experiences / feelings. I hope that doesn't sound too corny/pussy.

I've been wanting to try heroin for the longest time. I miss having something to get me away. To not be in this zone. I just hate being sober. It sounds so fucking cliche. But I don't even know if theres another way to describe the feeling. I just hate it. I'd drink every moment of the day if I didn't have to worry about driving places and getting a dui.

Well, is anyone else in the L.A. area?

Thanks for reading my post. I hope it wasn't too lame.
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