lolololoraH_bAbY** (fishie_goes_bye) wrote in adopt_a_junkie,

hey i guess im new here. i dont really do any of drugs anymore..i just stick to pot...i used to do crack and sniff herion. my boyfriend got my into it and many of my friends and family have notice the rapet weight lost and no money thing. my boyfriends a crack head...even tho he says that hes not...he mom found out the toher day. that was really sad...she flipped out on him and threaten to call the cops on him again..he was already in jail..or childrens williage for two years now. were both 15...turning sixteen in octber. this is so werid to me with out crack...i dunno. i dont see why people get so mad that u do it..its not that big of deal. here in michigan everyone is strating to find seal and do crack...many people dont like that. but its the druggie wrold out there. personal its my favortie!
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